My name is Pamela Jewel-Rusk.
I have been a student of Reiki and other forms of Alternative therapy since 1997 and a Reiki Master/Teacher for 18 years.  Since then I have added several additional vibrational energies to my Toolbox and I will always continue to learn more techniques to assist myself and others on the path to healing.  I studied with a private teacher for all levels of Usui Reiki.  I studied at the International Center for Reiki Training in Southfield, Michigan to receive Karuna Reiki Mastership in 2006 and added Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki in 2018.

My background is in Business and Finance and my path was altered when a family member was diagnosed with a "incurable" disease. I was not willing to accept the fate that had been laid out for him so I started my search for something that could help. What I found was astounding, an array of treatments and therapies that I never knew existed. I was hooked. What I have learned not only helped him, but set me on my own journey of healing and discovery. I call it a journey because I am still walking the path, learning, growing and hopefully helping others do the same along the way.